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Elite Sports Black Jack series black MMA Review


After working out in these shorts for several weeks and washing them several times, I feel confident in being able to give an informed opinion of this product.  I’ll start with what I like about them, then what I don’t like about them, and conclude with my overall recommendation.
What I Like 
I like the look of them.  They have a simple, classic design.  I really like the fit.  Easy to put on and take off.  Fits true to size and is the perfect length for me.  I also like the cut-out on the sides.  That’s a nice feature to have while squatting.  There’s nothing fancy about the fabric, but it seems like it will holdup over time.  Lastly, they’re extremely affordable at just $6.80 USD.
What I Don’t Like
I don’t like that it has a tag, not needed and is uncomfortable unless you tear it off which I did.  It is tearable so you don’t have to worry about pulling out the stitches but it just seems unnecessary to have it in the first place.  The feel of the fabric isn’t great.  It’s 100% polyester.  I’d be willing to pay more for a stretchable blend that feels better on the skin.  It doesn’t have any pockets which I get because these are worn by MMA fighters so they can’t have them.  However, it would be nice to have at least a hidden pocket on the inside to put your phone.
Overall, these are a steal at the price!
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