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Best Online Personal
Training in Columbus


MyFitness Butler is a one-of-a-kind, first-class online personal training service in Columbus, Ohio.

Client Transformation!


Mike decided that he wanted to lean out and gave himself a goal of 3 months to lose 25lbs while maintaining most of his functional strength.

Client Transformation - See how Mike improved his fitness and strenght with the images next to each other
Online personal training done from our easy to use app

Experienced Online Personal


As a certified Personal Trainer in Columbus Ohio, we help our clients achieve their fitness goals through expert online training.


Eric Sulzer is running an amazing program. I have been through too many personal trainers and different programs and nothing has pushed me like MyFitness Butler does! Eric Sulzer commits to the people he trains and teaches them how to properly push past their weaknesses and further improve their strengths. Ever since I have started with him, I have seen constant improvement in my strength, speed, and much more. I highly recommend MyFitness Butler to anyone and everyone looking to improve their lifestyle or get a good workout!

Arham S

I've been training with Eric for several months now and I am very impressed with the progress I have made! Having an in-home trainer has made me more accountable and consistent than I have ever been. I don't own any equipment and I have a small home but he brings equipment with him and the workouts leave me whipped! I can't recommend him more, my health is worth every penny I spend on him!

Beth K

Three months ago I started a workout program with Eric. I never worked out before, & with Eric's guidance, caring & understanding I've been able to stick with this program. I've seen significant results. It hasn't always been easy, but with Eric's coaching & encouragement I have far exceeded my own expectations. I feel better than I have in years & have more strength, stamina & self confidence. I encourage anybody starting to workout to take a chance on Eric's program. You won't regret it!

Ilene B

Eric is great to work with, I feel like he cares about my well being and not just the workout. He does a great job of mixing things up to keep your body guessing producing really great results.

Oliver R

Eric is truly an excellent trainer. He works with your goals so well and motivate you for a healthy diet. Scheduling is very easy and he is always available for any questions and he is prompt in responding. He is very personable and a warm trainer to work with.

Uma K

Eric is great! He challenges me with each workout. He is showing me you don't need to spend hours at the gym to see results. I also like that he can work around my crazy work schedule.

Lisa R

I am reaching my goals. My workouts are quick, fun and I see the results I want. My energy level has been given the boost I need.

Lora B

Eric’s workouts are challenging and never boring. I appreciate the thought he puts into them and the patience with which he explains unfamiliar moves. It’s great working with someone who really knows what they are doing!

Laura D

We have been training with Eric for a year now. It has been an amazing journey for my husband and I - we find ourselves with more energy, better able to manage our stress, and even saw an improvement in our blood pressure and cholesterol at both of our annual checkups. With two young kids, starting and staying on track with a workout routine without Eric would have been impossible. Thanks for our health, Eric - it's truly a priceless commodity!

Payal and Sharvil D

I have been working with Eric and MFB for almost 5 years and it's completely changed my life! I wanted to get stronger and gain muscle and Eric has helped me do that and then some! The workouts never get easier, you just get stronger!

Lucas P

Eric has enabled me to gain fitness from the comfort of my home, a huge thing for a single mom with two kids and a demanding job.

Shennan H

With the encouragement of my doctors, I began workouts with Eric two months ago to lose weight and improve my overall health. I went to CTCA last week and found out the lymphedema in my arm has improved to the point it is now rated a zero, which means nearly no swelling at all! Eric takes the time to listen and he crafts workouts tailored to my goals and current abilities - no boring workouts or exercises too difficult to master. I'm improving at a steady rate and have already noticed a marked difference in my strength for daily tasks. I highly recommend Eric at MyFitness Butler.

Tonya B

Personalized Online Training


Part-time Butler

This program was designed to show you what it takes to transform your body.


Flex-time Butler

This program was designed for the person who is bored with their current workout...


Full-time Butler

This program was designed for ultimate accountability! I will push your limits.

MyFitness Butler Experience

Full Body Transformation

Full body fitness that works many different muscle groups at once = change in body composition, adding lean muscle while burning fat.

save time with online workouts and myfitnessbutler
Save Time

Flexibility and convenience (We come to you!). Your personal Fitness Butler will bring all the necessary personal training equipment to your home or office.

working out actually gives your more strength and energy for the day studies show
More Energy

Avoid the mid-day slump. Keep up with your kids!

save time - woman on phone holding laptop. Save time by working out at your convenience at home with myfitness butler
Fits Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Short Intense Workouts so you get the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

improve confidence with myfitness butler personal online training in columbus ohio.
Improved Confidence And Self Image

Lose inches, drop pounds and get stronger!

Schedule a Session

Initial Online Personal Training Assessment. 15 min | Free

During this assessment I will be asking you about your health and fitness goals.
Your trusted partner in online personal training in Columbus and these surrounding areas: Powell, Dublin, Worthington, Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Granview Heights, New Albany, or Westerville .

Check out MFB owner and founder Eric Sulzer on the Envision2Bwell Podcast!

Eric Sulzer

MyFitness Butler in the News!

Watch our owner and founder Eric Sulzer discuss the MyFitness Butler concept including how it started, how it’s continued to thrive throughout the pandemic, and how someone can become a franchisee.

Due to the success of our Columbus, Ohio location we’ve decided to franchise!

Personal home online training from the convenience of your home and schedule

Initial Assessment

1 hr | Free

During this assessment I will be asking you about your health and fitness goals and have you perform some basic movements.



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