Online personal training allows you to work out from anywhere, by simply using your cell phone or tablet. This approach has gained in popularity in recent years due to its convenience, effectiveness, and simplicity. Our online training programs provide you with the convenience of working out from your home, office, or on the road while under the expert direction of your very own Fitness Butler. All programs include the MyFitness Butler app, offering you everything you need to access your workouts, ask questions, and track your progress.

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Depending on the amount of one-on-one coaching you need, select from our three program options:

Part-time Butler

This program was designed to show you what it takes to transform your body. This is for the person who has been stuck at a weight and fitness level they are unhappy with and is ready for a new approach.

  • 1 Online workout per week, 30 Minutes each
  • 1 initial Free 15-minute consultation
  • 120 minutes of live coaching per month

Cost is $120  Only $93.60 per month* Limited Time

*Promotion applies to first month of training 

Flex-time Butler

This program was designed for the person who is bored with their current workout routine or isn’t seeing the results they want. They need a new direction to follow with proven results.

  • 2 Online workouts per week, 30 Minutes each
  • 1 initial 15-minute consultation
  • 240 minutes of live coaching per month

Cost is $240  Only $187.20 per month* Limited Time

*Promotion applies to first month of training 

Full-time Butler

This program was designed for ultimate accountability. I will hold you accountable. I will push your limits. I will motivate you when you feel like you can’t keep going. I will make sure you achieve your ultimate goals!

  • 3 Online workouts per week, 30 Minutes each
  • 1 Free initial 15-minute consultation
  • 360 minutes of live coaching per month

Cost is $360  Only $280.80 per month* Limited Time

*Promotion applies to first month of training 


  1. What is Virtual Online Personal Training?
    Also known as virtual or remote training, it’s training done using a device like a smartphone without having to go to a gym or facility to have the trainer with you in person. All of the workouts, videos, instructions, and communication are done through the MyFitness Butler app.
  2. Why has it gained popularity?
    1. The convenience factor. People love being able to work out from wherever and whenever they like.
    2. Due to the pandemic, more people than ever have decided to work out from home.
    3. As more and more people are using devices like smartphones and becoming more accustomed to using apps, they are more interested in this type of fitness option.
  3. What success have you had and why do your clients like it?
    We’ve had an uptick in clients who want to do online personal training because they like the idea of working out from their homes according to their schedules. They also find the app to be user-friendly and the workouts effective and easy to follow.
  4. How can people get started with it?
    They just need to choose the program that’s right for them and follow the set-up prompts. It’s as simple as that!
  5. What tech or apps do they need to use?
    They just need a smartphone or tablet and to download our app.
  6. I don’t have weights or equipment, can you still train me?
    Many of our clients have minimal equipment and we can do many exercises using bodyweight alone. We will advise you as to any recommended equipment if needed, most are very simple such as ropes or low weights.
  7. How many sessions do you need/how long or often do you recommend generally?
    Just three, thirty-minute sessions per week. Additional exercises/activities can be given based on need.
  8. What’s the Best way to schedule/get started?
    Either choose from the programs above or schedule a call with us through our Contact Us page.

“I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to go somewhere for training. Especially given the demands of my busy workday, and the shift to pure work from home, not having to make a special trip for a supervised workout is very useful and more importantly helps me be consistent in a way I never managed to be when going to a gym.”

– Pratap G.



The MFB (MyFitness Butler) Workout Club recognizes key milestones in the number of workouts completed.
We believe our clients/athletes should be showcased and rewarded for their consistency, commitment, and determination as they pursue their fitness goals.
There are 3 achievement levels:

  • 100: represented by bronze and 1 bar on the back
  • 300: represented by silver and 3 bars
  • 500: represented by gold and 5 bars