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Best Exercise Equipment for 2020

First and foremost, the best equipment has to be something you’re actually going to use.

Every year there’s a new gimmicky product that comes to market promising to turn you into a Greek God or Goddess in no time!

If you fall into that trap, you’ll likely spend more than you need to on something that will just sit around and gather dust.

So how do you decipher the good from the bad? The useful from the unuseful…?

You need to start by asking yourself 4 basic questions:

1) What are my fitness goals?

No matter what you consider success, one of your primary goals should be building lean muscle while losing fat.

2) How much space do I have?

Many of us have a limited amount of space for a home gym. That’s okay, because, with movements that use your body as a key element of the workout, you don’t need large-scale fitness equipment.

3) How much money do I have to spend?

Like you, I’m on a budget, and I want good value for my money. I’m willing to spend more on items I use often, such as a good bike or rower.

4) What looks easy to understand and use?

I have tested all kinds of equipment and fitness accessories over the years. I’ve narrowed the field to a curated assortment of cost-effective, multi-use equipment.