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Meet our newest partner: Propello Life

I’m excited to announce our newest partnership with Propello Life!

Most supplements out there are made with inferior and unnecessary ingredients. That’s because these companies have to cut corners, sacrificing quality in order to keep their costs low so they can make their margins in the stores.

The founder of Propello Life was determined to do things differently; create a product that would compliment his family’s natural and holistic lifestyle. A NON-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, minimally processed, authentic, sustainable and great tasting supplement.

He’s able to ensure this high level of quality because it’s not sold in stores. It’s sold direct to consumer from their website

I try to eat as clean as possible but there are times when I can’t get all the protein I need from food alone. That’s when I’ll have one of their protein shakes. They offer a whey and vegan option. If I want a clean energy boost I’ll have their Energy and Focus shake with 150mg of natural caffeine made with matcha green tea. Post workout I’ll have a Rejuvenating Aminos shake which helps reduce muscle soreness and muscle loss.

Check them out. If you decide to buy something use code: MYBUTLER10 to get 10% off your order.